Dawn Woodward

Dawn Woodward


Ph.D., Earth System Science, UCI, 2019 expected
BS, Mathematics: Life Sciences, Appalachian State University, 2014


Modeling economic carbon cycle feedbacks


Dawn Leigh Woodard is a doctoral candidate in Dr. James Randerson’s lab in the Earth System Science department at UCI. Woodard studies the feedback cycle created by the impact of the economy on climate and climate, in turn, on the economy. Particularly, she is focused on improving the representation of this feedback in current integrated assessment models. Woodard previously collaborated on research analyzing the rate of climate change seen in the latest generation of climate models and how it compares to the known rates of species adaptation. As an undergraduate she studied fossil fuel power plant datasets and developed a metric to represent their spatial uncertainty.

Why is science communication important to you personally?

Scientific discoveries give us a new understanding of the world we live in: how it works, how it has changed, and what weird and wonderful things are on it with us. This is knowledge that belongs to everyone, so it’s important to me that it can be understood by everyone. I love dragging science out of the barely comprehensible realm of scientific journals and bringing it to people’s radio shows, blog posts, and social media feeds.